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Tyler, Destroyer of Worlds

July 29, 2015

If protests haven’t killed Tyler, the Creator’s Visa, why is he banned? Well, because we’ll all die otherwise.

Australian feminist organisation Collective Shout have called out American rapper Tyler, the Creator’s rapey and murdery lyrics, demanding he be kept out of the country.

In response, Tyler (full name Tyler Gregory Creator Okonma The ,) could’ve assured his Aussie fans that he was on his way. He could’ve reminded everyone of his stance on Collective Shout, mostly “Fucking bitch.”

Instead the rapper demonstrated his ability to raises miniature apocalypses in a public forum. Not with a long letter like Martin Luther, not with a speech like Churchill. He went to the Internet’s number plate factory, where we are all prisoners stamping tiny messages on each other’s eyeballs. Twitter.

Fans responded by sending murder and rape threats to Collective Shout director Coralie Alison, who says the Internet’s anger hasn’t bothered her. It’s the Internet. That’s how they say hi.

Still, Mr. Creator has demonstrated his ability to raise an army in 140 characters. Imagine what he could do by crossing the Pacific.


Pictured: Tyler’s Creation. 

Creator’s rap posse, Odd Future, were dropped from a New Zealand music festival last year after lobbyists pushed for their expulsion. This may be a long term benefit for Odd Future, who will find it easier to pick off smaller enemies before turning the newly friendless Australia into a post-apocalyptic horror of sand, where oil is scarce and punks in leather fight for resources. It’s assumed that in these end times, Mel Gibson will return. He’ll have a dog.

There’s much reason to believe Creator isn’t a woman hating gaybeater who wants everyone rapemurdered. He’s half Canadian, he taught himself piano as a child.  He openly supported Frank Ocean, his openly gay Odd Future buddy, after Ocean came out to the press. Still, he swears by the word faggot in his music and seems to shrug at people who take offense, because he doesn’t mean anything by it.

Apart from a possible future as the Antichrist, Creator’s only real flaw seems to be insulting everyone.


At the 2014 Coachella festival he insulted celebrity audience members. When fellow maplebloods Tegan and Sarah tutted at his lyrical content, he announced:

A couple years later, Mountain Dew decided he’d make a great ad writer. This happened.

WordPress is so offended that it won’t embed the video properly.

Tyler, the Creator is part of a Hip Hop movement called Horrorcore. Rappers try to capture the psychological, uneasy tone of horror films. Metal pioneers Black Sabbath had the same intention when they played in pubs with hobbit rockers Led Zeppelin. It takes the listener somewhere different, like Grand Theft Auto games when one runs over a hooker and collects her money by walking on top of it. It’s fiction. People like Collective Shout claim that we can’t tell the difference. So make sure you know the difference and enjoy your weird horror rap.

Phnglui mgwlnath Tyler, the Creator Melbourne wagn’agl fhtagn.