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Melbourne Keeps Occupied

October 21, 2011

Appearing in The Area News, in Griffith, NSW. Estimated readership: 15,000.


A city was in tears today.

Everyone holds different opinions on the anti-greed protests. When you read this, you may’ve heard about the police’s heavy tactics dismantling Occupy Melbourne, a leaderless tent city erected in Melbourne’s City Square. They may be answering for the countless horrors that I watched peaceful demonstrators report to lawyers.

This is what Vic Pol keeps you safe from.

Half had red eyes from capsicum spray, the others wept for the camp which police promised to return, then stomped into splinters. They had a library, free clothing rack and kitchen which fed the homeless. It was art, showing what happens what Anarchism works.

Still, many of you don’t know Occupy’s purpose, or what it is.

Let me explain.

Have you ever chatted with someone who wouldn’t shut up about their problems, and you had the solution on your tongue, ready to speak? But they wouldn’t let you? That’s how the 99% feel about poverty.

It started in New York. One in six Americans couldn’t afford three meals a day. So, tens of thousands filled Wall Street with cardboard signs. Almost every major Western city followed.

God damn the French have good rhythm.

They had firm goals.

First, they shrieked for help. Students in deep debt, the disabled who could

n’t work for their own medicine and had no health insurance, since they had no work. 1% of the population have almost all the wealth and power, they have almost none. Their slogan became “We are the 99%.”

Australia is luckier. Our soldiers of peace demand that the government listen to the majority and do as it asks – accept refugees and gay marriage, for example. They fought for democracy today with flowers, tents and free food.

YouTube footage has shown three men punched, trampled by a horse and choked, all unprovoked.


Occupy Melbourne kitchen founder Kade von Mot claims to have petitioned the surrounding businesses, receiving 800 signatures in half an hour. They’d allegedly become busier than usual.

Mayor Robert Doyle issued an eviction notice at 9 am, because “local businesses are suffering … it’s time to return City Square to the people of Melbourne.”

But they were the people. When we’re only a 100%, they still will be. So are the police, so are you. You’re welcome any time.

Thank you, Victoria Police. This topless, stoned woman was about to fight me, and various other things you can't do topless or stoned.