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Telling Your Friends You’re Visiting India

July 30, 2014

This is for you who’ve gone to a country that everyone has ideas about, but no one knows about. The countries where you can tell how dumb someone is by how uneasy it makes them that you’d go there.

It’s like a symphony

The moment music changed

During Beethoven’s 9th

When the music goes blank

Silence thickens the air

Then a man starts to sing


The first voice ever in a symphony. He sings about joy.


Each sound in the room halts

And up swells the silence

Everybody staring

Then the voices rush you

A chorus of bogans,


“Why the FUCK would you go to India?”


They hiss up their ciggies

And mumble into cans

They exhale in comfort

And breathe a fog of war

A smokescreen from the world

That goes on without them


And I know stuff they don’t, the scent of sweet hashish

Tight bodies stomping sand while songs impale their minds

A million colours pegged about by cackling girls

A forest filled with youths who each have fled a war

The sea and sky at dawn so pink it sears the eyes

I never saw those clouds, the comfort zone of smoke

The end is Alliterative Verse in Iambic Hexameter, the rest is Whatever triameter.